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NaCl Bocheński Szlak Solny „Na świecie” im. Świętej Kingi

Saint Kinga NaCl Bochnia Salt Route „In the World”

Rynek miasteczka.
Types of trails: Hiking
Length of trail: 1,6 km
Bochnia Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
tel. +48 146122426
Saint Kinga NaCl Bochnia Salt Route „In the World” connects the most important ground objects (existing ones, as well as the remains of non-existing objects), connected with the history of Bochnia salt.
The term "in the world" means in the mining language - on the surface. According to the legend, the discovery of rock salt in Bochnia in the mid-13th century is attributed to Saint Kinga. The route includes fifteen points - places of former old mining shafts (Herman, Wielki, Wojewodzia Góra, Targ, Regis, Kożuszka, Gazaris), but also a place of a former brewery, the remains of a saltworks castle, a saline garden, or a place of a former saline pond. The route leads from the Sutoris shaft in two directions: east and west. As you wander westwards, you will encounter twelve points, and eastwards - three. We are led from point to point by special metal plates with inscriptions embedded in the pavement: "Saint Kinga NaCl Bochnia Salt Route "In the World". The implementation of the route is the responsibility of the Prof. Stanisław Fischer Museum, cooperation of the Department of Promotion and Development of the Municipal Office in Bochnia. The project was financed from the budget of the Małopolska Region in 2005. Detailed information about the route http://bochnia.eu/turystyka/przewodnik-po-miescie/spacery-i-wycieczki-3/nacl-bochenski-szlak-solny-na-swiecie-im-swietej-kingi/
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• Bochnia - pomnik króla Kazimierza Wielkiego
• Bochnia - szyb Wojewodzia Góra
• Bochnia - szyb Targ
• Bochnia - szyb Regis
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• Bochnia - dawny budynek administracyjny kopalni
• Bochnia - dawny kompleks stajni salinarnej
• Bochnia - budynki gospodarcze kopalni
• Bochnia - teren po dawnym stawie salinarnym
• Bochnia - Zamek Żupny
• Bochnia - teren warzelni solnych
• Bochnia - szyb Gazaris

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