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Kościuszko Bicycle Trail through the Municipality of Słomniki - Trasa - VisitMalopolska

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Rowerowym Szlakiem Kościuszkowskim przez Gminę Słomniki

Kościuszko Bicycle Trail through the Municipality of Słomniki

Szlak kościuszkowski - Rynek w Słomnikach z XIX-wiecznym kościołem pw. Bożego Ciała
The trail's route, stretching over a length of 100 km, refers to the march of Tadeusz Kościuszko at Racławice in 1794 and his return to Kraków after the victorious battle. It includes the satellite communes north of Kraków.
In the commune of Słomniki, it runs through the picturesque areas of the Miechów Upland, characterized by extensive hills and characteristic depressions, known as "vales". It was marked out on roads with very low traffic, among fields and forests. From the south, the route begins among the forests around Goszcza and Polanowice, it continues along quiet forest roads through Niedźwiedz next to the Saint Adalbert church with the historic statue of the Madonna and Child and next to the Wodzicki Palace surrounded by a park with old trees, among which there are several natural monuments. The red trail leads through the market square in Słomniki, passing by the 19th century Corpus Christi church, to Prandocin, next to the 12th century Romanesque church of Saint John the Baptist and nearby graves of the 1863 insurgents, known as Mogiłki. The route leaves the Słomniki municipality in Sosnówka, next to the chapel commemorating the 1863 uprising soldiers camping here on the edge of a dense forest.

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