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Retirement does not have to be associated with time spent in front of the TV screen but with pursuing passions and developing interests. Małopolska is a region that really has a lot to offer seniors.

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn are worth using for one-day and weekend trips to extend your holiday time a bit. This time of year also opens up new opportunities for recreation and tourism. The Małopolska Tourist Information System (MSIT) will help you choose the most interesting places.

Tourism with a glass of wine

Eno-tourism is wine tourism, a trip to a wine region, visiting a vineyard, and participating in wine events, such as wine tastings and presentations. Małopolska is one of the most dynamically developing wine regions in Poland.  A mild climate, varied topography, many sun-drenched slopes, and a relatively long growing season favour the cultivation of vines. Currently, there are about 100 vineyards in the region. We propose that you take the Małopolska Wine Trail, and start the trip from the area of ENOTarnowskie. It covers the following districts: Tarnów, Tarnowski, Brzeski and Dąbrowski. Each vineyard engages with different, and extremely interesting attractions for its guests. It is not without reason that the area of ENOTarnowskie is called the ‘Polish Tuscany’ by some. It includes, among others, the vineyards: Dąbrówka, Janowice, Uroczysko, Zadora, and Manru. The unique accommodation blends perfectly with the Tuscany-like atmosphere, and to complement them, bike rentals and sommelier services are being developed around the vineyards. There are also innovative ideas such as ‘Adopt-a-Vine’ and ‘Wine Bank’.

Kamianna bee kingdom

Hidden in unspoilt nature among the Nowy Sącz forests, surrounded by friendly mountains, , lies the village of Kamianna, famous for its delicious honey. It's easy to get here by following the cheerful buzzing of bees working hard to produce life-giving honey. Is there a better cure for a troubled heart and upset nerves than a trip to the BARĆ apiary in Kamianna? Being here, not only can you relax but you can taste samples of the honey so you can choose the one you like best (acacia, rapeseed, linden, multifloral), and stock up on pharmaceuticals such as propolis, beeswax products, souvenirs and specialised literature. Surrounded by forests, hills and beautiful nature, you can relax in the Beekeeper's House, with accommodation and food, and visit the bee open-air museum. There is a wooden church and a former Orthodox church in the village. In addition to walks around the village, it is also worth going to the nearby health resort – Krynica-Zdrój. In winter, ski stations operate in the town and the surrounding area.

Forest, mushrooms, Nordic walking – Niepołomice Forest

Not all age groups can climb peaks or visit distant, exotic places. However, practically everyone, regardless of age, can go to the forest, which will provide pleasant experiences and positively affect the mood. Noise, polluted air, the everyday boring grind and health problems negatively affect the physical and mental condition of older people. The solution to this may be physical activity and contact with nature. Today, the Niepołomice Forest is a place of rest and recreation for the inhabitants of Małopolska and an attraction not only for Polish people but also visitors from abroad. It covers an area of approximately 110 square kilometres and stretches between Niepołomice and Proszówki, Baczków and Mikluszowice. The forest, cut like a chessboard by a dense network of forest roads and paths for pedestrians, bicycles and even horses, arranged perpendicular to each other, offers four marked tourist trails:

  • green: Niepołomice – Royal Road – Poszyna
  • red: Stanisławice – a bison reserve
  • blue: Podłęże – Przyborów – Sitowiec
  • black: Grodkowice – Błoto – Sitowiec

When starting or returning from a trip through the ancient forest, it’s really a good idea to stop in Niepołomice, where there is a lot to see. For example the Royal Castle, the Sanctuary of St. Charles Borromeo, and the Astronomical Observatory.

Without Bochnia, Wieliczka, Poland isn’t worth a handful of beans

The Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia are among Poland's most exciting and magical places. They are one of the oldest rock salt mines in the world and the longest continuously operating industrial plants. The historic Wieliczka Salt Mine was one of the first 12 sites in the world included on the UNESCO list in 1978. In 2013, the entry was expanded to include the historic Salt Mine in Bochnia. These places are not only stunning with their beauty but also accessible to visitors of all ages. The Tourist Routes have been prepared so that they can be effortlessly visited by both the youngest and eldest among us. After eight centuries of exploitation, the mines resemble extraordinary underground cities, delighting with unique excavations, chapels carved in salt rocks and original sculptures and devices used centuries ago. The mines can be visited on foot and, in the case of Bochnia... by boat on an underground river. It is worth staying longer in the mines and taking advantage of the spa. Just a few hours spent underground will have a significant impact on people with respiratory problems or rheumatism. Here, you can also benefit from many medical treatments and consultations with a doctor. You can spend the whole day at the spas and even stay overnight!

Piwniczna Zdrój – a pearl in the Beskid Sądecki Mountains

Piwniczna-Zdrój is a town with a population of several thousand people and a medieval history. Today, it is a health resort in the heart of the Beskid Sądecki Mountains. Although it is located in the shadow of Krynica and Muszyna, Piwniczna's charm, with its healing climate and healing waters, cannot be denied. It's the perfect mix for a great holiday. Piwniczna-Zdrój is a health resort where medicinal waters have been used since the 1930s, but their quality and, above all, the fact that many of the water intakes are in a natural state in places where they flow out attract patients. Piwniczna is a collection of several mini health resorts located on the Poprad River (Głębokie, Kokuszka, Zawodzie, Łomnica, Wierchomla, Zubrzyk). Hence, it is a place for people seeking peace, tranquillity and contemplation. The healing waters in Piwniczna Zdrój are ‘Piwniczanka’ and ‘Julian’ – recommended for drinking by those suffering from peptic ulcer disease and kidney stones; ‘Łomniczanka’ and ‘Stefan’ – recommended for to help ease inflammation of the digestive tract and constipation; ‘Wierchomlanka’ – also recommended for drinking to help with peptic ulcer disease and kidney stones; and finally, ‘Zdrój’ – recommended to stimulate the health of the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Basic spa treatments include: mineral baths, mud treatments, hydrotherapy, massages, gymnastics, inhalations, and electro- and light therapy. Mineral water sources are a significant part of the great wealth of Małopolska. The waters have been circulating among the rocks for thousands of years, drawing out precious minerals helpful in the treatment of many diseases, illnesses and ailments. They improve the well-being and vitality of the human body.


  • Seniors can find a full tourist and recreational offer, often unique and very local, in the Małopolska Tourist Information System (MSIT). There are over 30 points throughout Małopolska, often in small towns, staffed by true enthusiasts who know their regions perfectly. They are always ready to help and are can offer you lots of great advice.


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