In and around Tarnów

Znak informujący o najciekawszych miejscach w Tarnowie
Numerous parks and playgrounds in Tarnów encourage to take a Sunday family walk and play with children outside. The possibility of having some rest on kayaks or bikes are additional attractions. The Vistula Cycling Route runs through the most picturesque parts of the valley of Vistula and its tributaries. The VeloDunajec route is also very popular. For people who value hiking in the woods, we recommend walking in the nearby forests, where in the season you can find beautiful mushroom specimens. Green parks and wooded paths in Tarnów are perfect for nordic walking. People who like active leisure can try in Tarnów numerous sports facilities: swimming pools, gyms or climbing centres.

At the corner of the Krakowska and Nowy Świat streets there is a painting of an elephant painted by children..., and on gen. J. Bem's square toy can see a monument commemorating the exceptional figure of Organ Grinder, who used to play in Tarnów before the war ad was most often seen in this place. The sculpture has a special musical mechanism, which means that when you're standing near the Organ Grinder, he “starts his concert” and from a short distance you can hear a characteristic melody. We also recommend seeing the monument of King Władysław I the Short at ul. Wałowa. According to the legend touching the royal shoe with your right hand brings luck, so there is no time to lose. Let the luck come to you! 

At ul. Wałowa there is the “Poets Bench” with figures of Agnieszka Osiecka, Jan Brzechwa and Zbigniew Herbert. In the boxes next to the sculptures, with a bit of luck, you can find books they wrote.


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