Thematic tourist routes in Małopolska

Katedra w Tarnowie
Małopolska fascinates with its diversity. We can find here the relics of all eras, various architectural styles, unusual structures hiding in their walls the fragments of previous buildings as well as gems of ancient ages hidden among modern buildings. In order to discover this wealth, to reach what is the most interesting or simply to choose from among many possibilities, a tourist needs a key. This key to discover Małopolska are the routes, where selected buildings and places are connected according to their theme.
We will reach most places connected by a relevant route with the help of signs located in the field and at the buildings information boards are often installed. From the wide range of routes, everyone may find something interesting for themselves. We can explore the traces of the Romanesque era in Małopolska by walking the Romanesque Route. The Renaissance monuments have been gathered along the Renaissance Route, fans of Young Poland are invited to the “Young Poland Małopolska” Route and thanks to the fact that the Route of Medieval Małopolska Townlets has been designated and marked, it is easier to reach charming small towns that have their origin in the Middle Ages. Thematic routes are an inexhaustible source of ideas for trips around Małopolska.


Szlaki tematyczne